Hello, I’m Kimberly – fast talking, loud laughing, Disney obsessing, Texas living, farmer’s market shopping, rustic decor loving, sweet tea drinking, wife, mother, and baby loss advocate.

My husband, Brian and I have been a couple since May of 2007. We dated through high school, seeing each other through our most awkward teenage years. Once we started college, we somehow managed to maintain a relationship despite all of the studying and fast food jobs. After five years of dating, Brian finally popped the big question while we were standing on a dock in Annapolis, Maryland. I said yes, and we tied the knot just ten months later on June 15, 2013.

Shortly after our wedding, Brian and I moved from Maryland to Florida. It was a huge change, especially for two young newlyweds. We left behind all of our family and friends to begin a new life together. Thankfully, we adjusted really well and have built a great life on Florida’s emerald coast. About a year and a half after we settled into our new home, we learned our family was expanding. We were expecting a beautiful baby girl, who we decided to name Aria. When I was 20 weeks pregnant, we learned she had a congenital lung defect and it changed our lives forever. You can read Aria’s story here.

Our daughter, Aria passed away from complications of her congenital defect on the same day of her birth, January 2, 2016. In the days that followed her passing, I felt like I needed an outlet to tell her story and express my feelings. I’ve always found that with writing, it’s much easier to explain myself. So I created this blog to share my thoughts, vent, and mostly to keep Aria’s memory alive.

A lot has changed for us since saying goodbye to our baby girl. We relocated to Dallas, Texas, and purchased our first home. We adopted a sweet German Shepherd mix named Lana who has become such a bright spot in our lives.

We started trying to grow our family once more shortly after Aria's birth, but unfortunately it was a very difficult process. Along with experiencing a first trimester miscarriage, we ended up battling secondary infertility. In February of 2018, we ended up winning a free IVF cycle with CNY Fertility. We started that process in May of 2018, and got pregnant with our son the following month! Our pregnancy with him was extremely anxiety ridden as we prayed that he would be healthy. He arrived safe and sound on January 26, 2019 and our lives will never be the same. 

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