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Aria Bear

I haven’t mentioned anything about our beautiful, and perfect gift from the Molly Bears organization, and I wanted to share it with all of you. Molly Bears provides families who have lost an infant with a teddy bear, handmade by volunteers, that is the exact same weight as their child.

I really looked forward to receiving our bear because I just couldn’t wait to feel two pounds, and eleven ounces in my arms again. I longed for anything that could help me feel closer to holding my little girl.

Our little Aria Bear arrived just a few days before Mother’s Day. My hands shook as I opened the box, and I couldn’t believe I was this excited to see a teddy bear. Our Aria Bear is beautifully made, and honors our baby girl perfectly. I cried as I held the bear in my arms for the first time, and was shocked at how familiar the weight felt. I slept with the bear resting on my chest that night, and it was the first restful night of sleep I had since the day Aria was born. Our Aria Bear has been such a comfort to our family. Brian and I think it would be neat to bring our Aria Bear with us when we take family photos to symbolize Aria’s everlasting place in our family. We have used a pink balloon in the past though, and I like that idea a lot too.

If you are interested in a receiving a Molly Bear, or supporting a wonderful charity, please visit http://www.mollybears.com

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