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Aria’s Crib

Aria’s crib: still dismantled and packed in bubble wrap after taking down her nursery and moving to a new house 1.5 years ago. I remember gingerly wrapping it, not wanting it to get worn or damaged in the truck. It was still in mint condition, and I didn’t want it to show signs of use if it couldn’t be used by our baby girl in heaven. It felt wrong. My heart has softened through the years, longing to see bite marks and scuffs on the railing from her sibling. For it to be something for big sister to pass down. I still don’t have the courage to unwrap or assemble it. I won’t for quite a while. But I’m so hopeful that in 7 months, I’ll be laying a sweet little babe in that crib, and telling him or her all about their big sister. But I’ve got this unexplainable feeling that they’ve already met.

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