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Aria’s Story: Ramen Noodles

{I have decided to start writing snippets of stories and memories from my pregnancy and Aria’s birth, to celebrate and remember our daughter’s brief life, and to document all of our memories.}

I’m not quite sure where it came from, but suddenly around 10pm at night, I felt the strongest craving for ramen.

I’m a pretty healthy eater, and this is usually very high on my “Absolutely Not” list of foods. But I was ten weeks pregnant, and I needed ramen, and I needed it right away.

The only problem? We were vacationing on a cruise ship in the middle of the Caribbean. So you can imagine my husband’s reaction to my request. At first, he laughed and said “I’ll get you some ramen as soon as we get home.”

Oh no, my sweet husband, that is not what I meant. I said there had to be ramen somewhere on this ship! It was huge, and there were tons of kitchens on board! We were going to satisfy this craving!

Brian quickly left the room on his quest for ramen. He was half annoyed, but also half amused. I honestly think he did this more for the baby than me.

So, I laid in bed in our cabin, still fighting off a horrific combination of morning sickness and seasickness, and waited for him to return.

Did he find the glorious package of top ramen that I was convinced was hiding somewhere on the ship? Nope. But he had a good story, and that helped.

Apparently, he assumed his best bet was the gift shop. Which was actually a pretty good guess since they sold a lot of candy, and a decent assortment of snacks. It was pretty similar to the food selection at a gas station, and they do tend to sell packs of ramen. He didn’t see any at first glance, so he turned to the sales associate and asked if they sold packs of Ramen or even a cup of noodles.

Unfortunately for Brian, this woman was from Russia, and had no idea what he was talking about. So Brian tried to explain in detail what a cup of noodles was, and how you make it, hoping she would understand. It didn’t work. She just stood there, totally bewildered. She was probably also wondering why this guy wanted to make some weird dried noodle, and powdered broth concoction on a ship with several dining rooms, and buffets.

She then directed him to the buffet, and suggested he tried some of their pasta. Unfortunately, that wasn’t exactly what he was looking for.

Brian went to the buffet anyways, hoping that there was a small chance they were serving something that could satisfy my craving. But it wasn’t meant to be. So he returned empty handed.

Although I was very disappointed then, it’s so funny to me now. I felt like a crazy person! All I could think about was ramen. That craving actually lasted a few weeks too! My food cravings were one of the most interesting, and entertaining parts of my pregnancy. I think they actually made us bond with Aria even more.

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