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Baby Rose continues to grow!

Two days ago, we saw two wiggly arms, two wiggly legs, and a tiny but mighty beating heart. One small step forward in restoring my faith that my body can do this. We celebrated with chocolate and key lime soufflés!

My first appointment with my new OB went very well today. He was compassionate, and took so much time to reassure me. He listened to all of my concerns and I could tell he understood the delicate intricacies of pregnancy after loss.

He wants to see me again in two weeks, where we’ll do another ultrasound and draw blood for the first trimester genetic screening. Countdown to finding out this wiggly baby’s gender is officially on!

As things progress, we’ll consult with a maternal fetal medicine specialist at 18 weeks for a full anatomy scan to make sure all there are no signs of CCAM (Aria’s lung defect) this time around. CCAM doesn’t tend to repeat in families, so there is a very low possibility that this will happen again, but none of us want to take any chances.

We will also closely monitor my blood pressure on a biweekly basis, and start regular urinalysis in a few weeks to check for any signs of preeclampsia. I’m not *technically* at a high risk for pre-e or HELLP, but we want to make sure I am not predisposed to either condition since I developed maternal mirror syndrome in response to Aria’s fetal heart failure. (Mirror syndrome is almost exactly like HELLP) He assured me multiple times that we would be watched very closely so nothing would be missed.

But the best part of the conversation was when he finished my sentence when I said, “I don’t think I’m going to ever feel safe until”... “baby is here and in your arms.” So good to know he gets it.

And bonus points that he had elephants ALL OVER his office. Little winks from heaven that Aria is definitely here.

Lastly, we discussed my mental health as of late. We are hopeful that coming off all IVF meds in the next two weeks will help me to regulate my emotions a little better, but we will continue having regular conversations about it. In the meantime, I’ve begun looking for a counselor for some added support. One step at a time!

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