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Christmas Eve at the Rose house

We just sat by the glow of the Christmas tree and read “The Night Before Christmas” as a family as we do every year. We gather with a photo of Aria, although we know her spirit is with us as well. The dog took her place with Brian, and I read aloud as Noah kicked in my belly. I admit that Christmas always brings such bittersweet emotions for us.

Today in church I wiped away a tear as they sang “The First Noel”. Aria’s middle name is Noelle and this song touches my heart because she was born just days after Christmas. She is our first Noelle.

I told Brian that if Aria is our “First Noelle” then Noah is our “Joy to the World”, his budding life such proof of “the wonders of His love.”

And Brian added that Lana (our dog) would be our “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” and I would agree with that! She’s the little bit of kooky, goofy, chaos our lives needed.

Who are you remembering this year?

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