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Grandma Lee

Today, my sweet Grandma Lee was laid to rest.

Walking through the last two weeks has been hard on my already grieving heart. I’ve let go of a lot this year, and now I’m releasing even more.

When my Grandma was first hospitalized, there was great grief as I feared she may not recover. I cried as I told Brian one of my biggest fears, that none of my children would ever meet my grandma while on this earth. For several days, I begged The Lord to give us more time. When she was entered into hospice care, I felt an unexpected shift in my heart.

While I was overwhelmingly sad that I would never get to play Scrabble with her again, or help her bake a peach pie; an unexpected joy grew. I realized that very soon, my Grandma would be meeting my Aria. She would be holding my baby girl in her arms. Oh, how the thought of that moment made my heart sing. I know how much my Grandma loved being with her grandkids and great-grandkids. I always loved to see how much her face lit up when we came to visit. So I knew my Grandma would be very excited to see Aria in heaven.

It’s never easy saying goodbye, but it is the hope of heaven that keeps me going. For now though, I’m really going to miss her.

I love you, Grandma. Thank you for everything.

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