• Kim

Happy Half Birthday, Aria.

Six months.

Six months since I last felt you move inside of my womb.

Six months since I rested my cheek against yours.

Six months since we held you in our arms.

Six months since we kissed your tiny lips.

Six months since we caressed your head full of hair.

Six months since we said goodbye.

Six months of heartache and tears.

Six months of fighting to make sure no one forgets.

Six months of building your legacy.

Six months of navigating life as parents without living children.

Six months.

In many ways it has flown by, and at times it has dragged on at a snails pace.

Half a year. 26 weeks. 182 days. 4,380 hours. 262,800 minutes.

Six months of loving you more each day.

Six months of finding pieces of you in everything we do.

Six months of celebrating your brief yet beautiful life.

Six months of learning to find joy again.

Six months of finding kindness in places, and in people we never expected.

Six months of cherishing life more than ever before.

Six months gone, six months closer to seeing you in heaven.

Happy half birthday, Aria. We love you, sweet baby girl.

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