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Happy International Bereaved Mother's Day!

Today is International Bereaved Mother's Day. Today marks my third year celebrating this sacred day.

Before Aria died, I didn't know this day existed, but after she did, I was grateful to have this day. Mother's Day has never truly felt like it was mine, without any living children, it has been hard for me to embrace. But International Bereaved Mothers Day is the day where we link arms with all of the grieving mothers around the world, and lift each other up as we share our collective stories of love and loss. It's exactly the kind of celebration that I need. It's the place I find a sense of true belonging.

To the mothers who lost their children long before me, thank you for being my guiding light. Thank you for showing me that continuing on is indeed possible. Thank you for being the proof that I needed on my darkest days, that lifelong grief will find a way to coexist with lifelong joy.

To the mothers who lost their children during same season that I lost mine, thank you for being such a source of comfort. You were there when I needed to hear from people who were feeling exactly what I felt, at the exact same time. You made my feelings seem normal, valid and important, even when mainstream society told me otherwise. Thank you for walking through these trenches alongside me.

To the mothers who lost their children after me, especially those who are celebrating their first International Bereaved Mother's Day: Please, celebrate today. It was never the kind of celebration you wanted to earn, but through immense and unending love you have earned this day. Today isn't just another reminder that your child has died. Today, is the day we all come together, and celebrate the fact that the bond of motherhood is so sacred, even the end of life on earth cannot negate it. We were mothers from conception, and will be mothers even after our own last days on this earth. We are mothers because we love our children ferociously. We are mothers because despite the inability to raise our children, we are raising legacies. We are building worldwide communities for mothers like us. We are fighting for change so that less mothers will have to endure these types of losses. We are warriors, brave and powerful.

Most of all, YOU ARE A MOTHER.

Happy International Bereaved Mother's Day to my sacred tribe of grieving mamas. You are all such incredible people. I am honored to be among you.

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