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I'm back! And don't worry, I won't ever leave.

It's been about a four month hiatus since my last post here.

I hope you didn't think I was disappearing. I assure you, I'm not. This blog contains so much of my heart and I could never leave it behind. I took a bit of a maternity leave I guess you could say.

As we have settled into life with an infant, I am slowly finding more time to write again, which is wonderful because I still have so much to say. Raising Noah has been so healing for my heart, but grief will always remain. That's motherhood. A new baby will never erase the child who came before. My scars and hurt have molded, shifted, and changed so much but they are still a part of me. Aria will always be a part of me even if she isn't currently sharing space in my arms with her brother.

Even now, I find comfort as I type these words. Writing about Aria is so cathartic.

I promise to share more about where we are now, and a really exciting short film that features our family later this week. But Noah's nap time is ending, and I am sure he'll be calling out for me any minute now.

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