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Noah’s Cardiology Update

Upon closer inspection of his heart, Noah has been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect called Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). This means that he has a small to medium sized hole in the wall between the left and right ventricles of his heart. The second concern with his heart is a mild bottlenecking of blood flow in his ductus arteriosus. Both issues are not considered life threatening by our cardiologist, and neither are currently expected to need intervention such as surgical repair. His heart is otherwise healthy and functioning well.

So this means more monitoring as my pregnancy progresses, and after birth until the hole in his heart closes. The ductus arteriosus is only used in utero, so once he’s born the issues with that will disappear. Our next appointment is in two weeks, and we pray that there is nothing but improvement from here on out.

I want to say this is good news because it really is, but to be honest it doesn’t feel like it. My son has a congenital heart defect. My daughter had a congenital lung defect. Why does this keep happening to us? To our children? We’re not genetic carriers, and Noah’s prenatal screening came back fine. They say it isn’t my fault, but then why does this keep happening? The thoughts and questions racing through my mind are extremely overwhelming.

I also really want to trust our doctors assurances that the risk of anything going wrong with Noah is extremely low, but we heard that so many times with Aria. Statistics mean nothing when you’ve been on the losing end of them. So to be honest, Brian and I are pretty shaken up, and unsure of how to feel.

I’m trying to focus on the fact that despite all of this, Noah IS healthy. We are still expecting a beautiful baby boy this February, and we can still plan to be take him home with us. Even as hard as that can be to believe at times.

As always, pray pray pray.

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