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Noah's Nursery Tour

I'm so excited to finally share the project I've been working on for quite some time now! This nursery has been such a wonderful project to pour myself into, and has given me something to focus on when my anxieties about this pregnancy begin to overflow. It really has helped me to bond with Noah and think about what life will be like once he is born.

Brian and I chose a Peter Pan theme because we really wanted to incorporate pirates somehow. This is because we spent several weekends during my first trimester on the couch, watching all the films in the Pirates of the Caribbean series as I struggled with morning sickness. I didn't feel so great then, but it's a fond memory now. However, since it's a baby's room, I wanted to do something a little more whimsical and Peter Pan fit the bill. I really took this theme and ran with it, hope you love it as much as I do!

When you walk into Noah's room, there is a sign immediately to the right that says "For this child I have prayed." This sign is really sentimental for me because Brian bought it for me to lift my spirits when I was struggling with some fears that our IVF cycle would fail. I wasn't even pregnant with Noah yet, but this gift really helped remind me to lean into my faith and pray.

Brian built and stained these book ledges himself. I'm so grateful that he's so handy! I really love the way the books look on these ledges. There's so much color! I hope it will help foster an interest in reading as Noah gets older because the whole cover is visible instead of just the spines, as you would see on a typical bookshelf. My favorite is the Dumbo book, which is a nod to his big sister in heaven as that was her nursery theme. My second favorite is the You Are My Rainbow book from our sweet friend, Ali. I can't wait to read it to Noah and explain to him why we call him our rainbow baby.

I designed the "second star to the right and straight on till morning" canvas myself, and I love how it turned out. Since it's so over sized it allowed me to easily fill the space on that wall without having to add anything extra. The crib and dresser are hand-me-downs from Aria.

He's hard to really photograph well, but on the left is a vinyl wall decal of Peter Pan's shadow and Tinker Bell. This part of the room is my favorite because it allowed me to really dive into the little details in the story and bring them into the space. I also hand sewed those curtains! I tried to do a lot of DIY projects to save money and to give me something productive to focus on.

A map of Neverland!

Brian also built these shelves! I loved incorporating all the details from the story, and it took me a while to gather everything. There's Captain Hook's pirate ship, a jar of Pixie Dust, a statue of Big Ben (sent by my parents in England!), a mermaid - a nod to Mermaid Lagoon in Neverland, a thimble - which is how Peter and Wendy said they loved each other in the original book, a Pan Flute, a red feather like the one in Peter's hat, and lastly a crocodile with an alarm clock just like the one that attacked Captain Hook!

This chair is really special to me. I have rocked in it all 3 times that I have been pregnant - with Aria, with the baby we miscarried in 2017, and now with baby Noah. We found the Nana plush (the Darling family dog/nanny) in our local Disney store! So fitting!

We framed these illustrations from an old copy of Peter Pan!

And lastly, on the wall next to the door to his room is another sign Brian purchased as a gift for me when I was 7 weeks pregnant with Noah. We added some photos from this pregnancy, and plan to swap them out with Noah's monthly/yearly photos as he grows. I can't believe how far we've already come!

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