• Kim

Our boy has a name.

We’ve had a name in mind for our son for several years now. We liked it before we knew if Aria would be a boy or girl. If she had been a boy, it likely would have been hers. It took some time to decide if it should be passed on to her brother or not. We wondered if we should pick something new, or if it would even be a good fit for our baby boy. As we talked it over, it started to stick. After a few days of referring to him by this name instead of “baby boy” we realized that it’s meant to be.

NOAH: A fitting first name because it reminds us how how a rainbow brought hope to the world after a great flood, just as our son has brought hope to us after a great trial. We pray that this name is also a reminder to our son to have the same trust in The Lord’s calling for his life as Noah in the Bible.

“Noah did everything just as God commanded him.” Genesis 6:22

RYAN: A middle name close to our hearts because it is shared by my father. He has provided us with such wisdom, encouragement, and comfort as we faced the difficulties of the last three years. He’s been such a wonderfully loving grandfather to both of our children, and we trust him greatly to be our son’s namesake.

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