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Two Weeks

It’s been exactly two weeks since we lost Aria.

 I don’t know what “healthy grieving” is supposed to look like or if that is even a thing, but I think I’m within that range. I still cry on a daily basis and truthfully, I’m not sure there will ever be a day where I don’t cry. But I think that’s ok. Sometimes I find comfort in normal conversation, and others times it feels incredibly overwhelming. I know that as cliche as it sounds, it really will get easier with time. 

When I look at pictures of Aria, I’m still completely stunned by her beauty. I swear I’m not saying that simply because I’m her mother. She really was the most beautiful baby girl in the history of the world. She had the most kissable cheeks, and I am still amazed that she looked so much like us. 

The one thing I’ve learned countless times in the last two weeks, is that life does go on. There were so many moments where Brian and I looked at each other and swore there was no way we would get through it. Yet somehow, we do. We may have crawled through a few of those moments on our hands and knees while feeling incredibly weak, but we made it. I’m proud of that. We are stronger than we realize. 

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