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Uncharted Territory: Day 1

I guess you could say this is the calm after the storm. Yesterday we had our anatomy scan and were given the news that our baby boy is completely healthy. All organs are well developed and accounted for, and there are no signs of defects. This news brought an end to many of my biggest anxieties; although not all of them I admit.

The day after my anatomy scan with Aria, we drove an hour to the largest hospital in our area and began six weeks of constant meetings with fetal specialists, neonatologists and pediatric surgeons. We eventually left home and flew across the country to consult with the doctors who researched her specific diagnosis, and we stayed with them until birth.

This time around, all that is left now are routine visits and ultrasounds to monitor growth. It’s just a waiting game while baby boy grows (mama too!) for the next four months. It’s so strange and new to us to not have to go into full blown crisis mode at this point in pregnancy. Yes, I am absolutely still anxious and terrified that something could still go wrong, but I’m doing my best to keep those fears at bay because we now have solid proof that baby boy is healthy.

For the first time, I feel like I can actually begin to believe that we are having a baby. I can have real faith that we won’t have to walk out of the hospital with empty arms again. It is so sweet to finally let these thoughts in, and to embrace all of this possibility.

We want to thank everyone who prayed for us yesterday and shared in our joy. We are so honored to have the support of thousands (literally!) on this journey. We have come this far only because we have been lifted in such abundant love.

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