• Kim

We (finally) picked her headstone.

After months of indecision and overcoming a lot of emotional hurdles, we finally ordered Aria’s headstone.

This was a really tough decision for us, as it felt like the last thing we could do for her. But we have realized there are still so many things we can do in memory of her, and this is not the end of our role as parents.

The design was important to us, and we wanted to be very involved in the creation of it. We opted not to use a template, and designed the entire thing ourselves, then gave our design to the manufacturer. Everything from the image, font, wording, and layout was completely created by us. It’s simple, but we feel it suits Aria very well.

I’m grateful to have this decision behind us because it is one less thing weighing on my heart. I am so excited to see the finished product – finally marking Aria’s grave in a way we will be proud of.

I’ll be sure to share a picture in about two weeks, once it has been placed!

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