• Kim

We’ve set a date.

October 2, 2016. The nine month anniversary of Aria’s birth and death, or “Aria’s Day” as we like to call it. We have decided that this will be the day we dismantle and pack up Aria’s room.

Packing up her room isn’t the hardest part, knowing that it isn’t going to be unpacked is the part that really hurts. We always knew we would move one day, and her room would be packed up along with the rest of our house. But we never imagined that it wouldn’t need to be unpacked once we got to our new house.

I’m sure the memories will come flooding back as soon as we begin to unscrew the crib and place her onesies into cardboard boxes. All those beautiful moments of joyful anticipation as we prepared for our sweet girl’s arrival. Such wonderfully, bittersweet moments.

October 2nd is not going to be my favorite day. It certainly will not be an easy day. But it’s a day that has to happen, and unfortunately there’s no getting around it.

I’m trying to remember that this difficult task has to be done so we can continue on, and begin our next chapter. I am going to trust that this is a good thing. I’m also trying to remind myself that Aria’s legacy still exists beyond those four walls. This room’s existence does not impact the love and connection I have to my sweet little girl.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that day, I am sure we will need them.

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