What is Boundless Motherhood?

Boundless Motherhood is an expression of the unique path a grieving mother takes throughout her lifelong experience of parenting a child who is no longer in her arms. For those of us who walk the earth without our children beside us, the traditional expressions of motherhood often feel isolating, and leave us wondering if we truly belong. Motherhood can often be viewed as a sisterhood that we cannot join because our circumstances are so vastly different. Boundless Motherhood seeks to remind all mothers that despite the fact that we aren't raising our children here on earth, we are still raising their legacies. We are still mothering them. A mother's love, regardless of circumstance, is limitless and eternal. It does not end when your child's heart beats for the last time. It does not come undone as the years go on. A mother's love knows no bounds. This is the truth behind Boundless Motherhood, and the heart behind all that is written here.

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